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Wide Range of Specialties

Olingua’s legal translation team are experts in a variety of fields and specializations, ranging from corporate, immigration and education to labor law. We provide translations of legal documents in all major languages.


Olingua.de delivers translation results of the highest quality and can provide translation services in accordance with DIN ISO EN 17100 (Reg. No. 7U167). All translations are proofread by an independent expert to ensure that the result is accurate and meets our clients’ expectations.


Olingua’s legal translators have several years of experience in translating legal documents. Our team consists of established, professional legal translators. We pride ourselves in delivering high-quality translations to our clients. We work with native-speaking professionals who are familiar with the practice of law, which gives them intimate insights of the legal system and allows them to produce highly authentic and accurate translations. We are the people who strive for excellence in the professional legal translation industry.

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If you need your document to be officially translated and you’re looking for a translation agency you can trust, you´re in the right place. No matter the type, length and size of the project, we provide high-quality certified translations.

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